A Bit about me

“People will forget the words you say, the deeds you did, but they never forget the way you make you make them feel” – Maya Angelou

World traveller, explorer of new places and fresh experiences. Coffee and wine afficionado, dog lover, nature, and Big 5 as well as Little 5 game fan. Mother of Courtney, a Forbes Africa 30 under 30 entrepreneur.  Passionate about my work which, besides golf, is also a hobby. Binge Netflix watcher, avid reader, and advocate of equality in all aspects of life.

Love being part of a success story and winning despite incredible odds.

I am creative, highly committed to achieving goals, innovate rapidly and generally enhance the value for companies and individuals once their talents are highlighted and harnessed.

A passionate brand strategist with a flair for creating captivating copy, creative concepts, and bespoke solutions. I am privileged to have played an intrinsic role in developing, mentoring, and providing platforms for these individuals to become role models, opinion leaders and change-makers not only for Afrillenials but on the global stage.