Brag Box

Our client list is impressive by any standards and we are justifiably proud of our achievements, many of which have often been accomplished on extremely limited budgets.

Whilst the perception might be that we only work on behalf of large corporates, we welcome the opportunity of collaborating with the eccentrics, the hillbillies, the start-ups, and the inventors- the more unusual the more our imaginations run riot.

We love being challenged, so if you have got a new concept, an ambitious goal, or you are a serial entrepreneur, please call us for a Zoom chat, or a face-to-face meeting over a good coffee.  

Yes, we are at home with the ‘suits’ but we are equally comfortable with the sandals, beads, and surfboard brigade, or with the barista with a burning desire to conquer the world.

We are passionate about our business, just as you are devoted to your project, and we will ensure the wider world is just as enthralled by you and your brand.

Allow us to show you that we are above and beyond the five stars when it comes to communications, brand positioning and brand strategy. Our research is thorough and our media and business connections impeccable.


“The team at Wordzmiths has been instrumental in getting our brand the recognition it deserves. Their strategic planning and execution are unmatched.”

“We’ve seen a significant increase in media coverage since we started working with Wordzmiths. They’re true professionals in the PR industry.”

“I’m impressed with Wordzmiths ability to consistently secure high-profile media placements for our brand.”

“The PR campaign Wordzmiths designed for us was creative, impactful, and it definitely helped us to boost our public image.”

“Working with Wordzmikths has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in media relations is top-notch.”

“We’ve been thrilled with the results of our PR campaign which exceeded our expectations in every way.”

“Gillian has helped me both with advice and practical assistance. Through a highly individual PR plan, she has aided with my rebranding, allowing me to gain recognition as an artist and tutor.”

“The team at Wordzmiths is responsive, proactive, and they always keep us in the loop. It’s been a pleasure working with them.”

“Thanks to wordzmiths, our press releases have gained significant traction in the media. Their work is exceptional.”

“We trust wordzmithswith all our PR requirements. They’ve proven time and again that they understand our market and our audience.”

“The media training provided by Wordzmiths was invaluable. Our spokespersons are now more confident and effective in their media interactions.”

“We appreciate Wordzmiths strategic approach to PR. They’ve been instrumental in  improving our reputation and credibility.”

“Since partnering with Wordzmiths, we’ve seen a positive shift in public perception of our brand.

“The team at Wordzmiths is always on top of the latest media trends. They’ve helped us remain relevant and newsworthy.”

“We’re impressed with Wordzmiths ability to craft compelling stories about our brand. They’re truly skilled communicators Consumate professionals.”

“Thanks to Wordzmiths, we’ve been able to effectively communicate our brand values to our target audience. Their work is world class”

“We’ve been featured in top-tier media outlets thanks to Wordzmiths Their media connections are impressive.” 

“The crisis management plan developed by  Wordzmiiths was thorough and effective. They helped us navigate a difficult situation with ease.”

“We’re grateful for Wordzmiths support during our product launch. Their PR strategy was a key factor in its success.”

“The team at Wordzmiths is always available to answer our questions and address our concerns. Their customer service is excellent.”

“We’ve achieved our PR goals ahead of schedule thanks to Wordzmiths Their dedication and expertise in media relations is evident from vast media exposure”