How relevant are you today?

Rapid changes in the entertainment and information landscape make rebranding essential. Advertising and promotion strategies have to change with the times. As an individual or a business, you can super-charge customer engagement if you attract the right audience. Connecting with an audience keen on self-promotion and strategic partnerships helps to build awareness and to get ahead of the competition.

Whether you’re running a business, hoping to land a contract or want to gain market share, I’ll refine your message to ensure it is received and understood and even welcomed.

I write engaging copy for flyers, promotions, launches and corporate messages. Let me help structure your proposals, Marketing strategies, LinkedIn resumes and motivation letters. We also write speeches and copy for voice-overs.

Gillian Mulock-Bentley is an English Masters graduate, TEFL remote English teacher, and she has wide experience as the founder of a leading image management company handling international brands. Her positive attitude, marketing experience and empathy make her your ideal communications and outbound marketing partner.

She has great skill in image management, creating marketing strategies, composing business letters and documents as well as event planning and coordination

I have worked with leading brands, creating trailblazing strategies to impact positively on their bottom line. My past clients include: Emirates Airline, Austrian Airlines, Imperial Viennese Ball, Air France, ACSA, Bristol Myers, Hellerman Tyton, Southern Sun Hotels, Visit Britain, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and Air Seychelles under the Bespoke Solutions brand. Many projects won significant awards.

We can polish your pitch and embrace your brand.

Smaller companies, influencers and other creatives often use our services.  

We also offer mentoring and image consulting for interview preparation and presentations.

Excellence delivered on deadline.

Contact me on +27 066 154 8017 or for a free no-obligation Zoom chat.

A Bit About Me:

World traveller, explorer of new places and new things. Coffee and wine aficionado, dog lover, nature, and game fan. Mother of Courtney, a Forbes Africa 30 under 30 entrepreneur.  Passionate about my work which is also my hobby. Binge Netflix watcher and advocate of equality in all aspects of life.

“People will forget the words you say, the deeds you did, but they never forget the way you make you make them feel”

-Maya Angelou

Gillian Goldman, the words guru
Gillian Mulock-Bentley, the words guru